Brown Stains: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Avoiding Brown Stains on Unused Clothing

Clothes left in the wardrobe, drawer, or wrapped materials for prolonged durations can give rise to rusty, brown stains. While sometimes this can happen because of improper storage, wrong detergents, untreated or partially treated stains or rust oxide, these brown stains could also arise because of cosmetics that contain benzoyl peroxide. 


Wondering why?


This is because benzoyl peroxide inevitably leads to bleaching!


Be it your favorite white shirt, party jeans, or that pricey dress, you’d be disheartened to witness an ugly brown spot when you get them out of your closet after long. With the sentimental or monetary value of most clothing items, it becomes crucial to store them in a proper manner.


Let’s talk about why these brown stains appear on unused clothing, how to prevent these brown spots, and when you should give it for professional cleaning.


Why Do Brown Stains Appear on Unused Clothing?


Brown stains grow on unused clothing because of the way the clothes are stored and also because of inevitable age spots. Moreover, brown spots will appear if the items have been exposed to water or smoke while being stored or if they weren’t cleaned properly before storage. 


Even residue from other clothes in your wardrobe can cause brown spots. Logically speaking, the chlorine concentration in city water can be high, and when the clothes aren’t dried completely, this chlorine begins to form brown patches on one or more parts of the clothes.


Considering we reside in the coastal city of Mumbai and the widespread moisture content in the region, clothes get dirtier rapidly. When it comes to wearing occasional outfits, people don’t wash them before putting them back in their wardrobe. The unwashed agents will lead to fungal growth and eventually develop into stains ranging from green to brown in colour. 


The solution? 


Keep checking your unused garments once in a while! If you don’t spot the stain, it’ll seep into the fabric and become permanent, ruining the garments for future use. 


We understand that the pandemic is restricting you from occasions that call for wearing your favourite garments. That doesn’t mean you let them build up dust. Instead, get them professionally cleaned and then opt for storage.


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Storage Suggestions to Avoid Brown Stains


If you’re looking to prevent the problem of brown stains from attacking your clothes, store them in cloth bags. Plastic bags will attract more moisture and increase the probability of fungal growth.

Common Misconception: Storing clothes in plastic garment sleeves after dry cleaning.


How to Remove Brown Stains from Clothes?


The process for removing brown stains from clothes will vary based on whether the stains are greasy, moldy, plant-based, or rusty. Most often, it’s best to give it for dry cleaning. Home remedies often spoil delicate garments to the point where damage becomes permanent.


While we are adept at treating such brown stains with the help of our premium solvents and equipment, you should be mindful of their presence and conduct periodic checks on your wardrobe. Be it old garments or clothes that you’ve never used, even a bi-monthly check on your wardrobe’s contents is enough to spot the onset of brown stains. In short, it would be wise to immediately give these stained garments for dry cleaning to our laundry experts. If not, don’t be surprised if these brown spots become permanent.


Caution: Avoid relying on home hacks and using a mixture of recommended chemicals (baking soda, vinegar, lemon, etc.). In most situations, you’ll land up damaging your garments beyond repair. 


If you think a chunk of all your clothing items are going down the drain due to such stains and you need the assistance of a dry cleaning service, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Either schedule a free pick-up today by downloading the official Bianca Clothspa app, or feel free to call/WhatsApp us on +91 72080 73124.



How Soon Should You Give It For Professional Cleaning?

These brown spots could spread and affect the other clothing in your wardrobe. Ideally, get them resolved at the earliest and nullify any possibility of your other clothes getting tarnished by brown stains.


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Pro Tip : Always get your garments professionally cleaned before putting them in storage. This will not only reduce chances of brown stains developing but will also increase the lifeline of your garments.


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