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Monsoon season has hit the city, and with this, the stress of keeping clothes clean has manifolded. Constant mud splashes, water droplets from the streets, and a combination of moisture and humidity make it problematic to keep your clothes in mint condition.

Most often, even home laundry may not suffice during Mumbai rains. The constant downpour makes it hard for clothes to dry, and this leaves behind a pungent smell on already damp garments. Moreover, a collection of dirt, mud, germs, and other bacteria easily sticks onto the clothes, making them an unpleasant experience to wear.

The wisest and best option, in this case, is to get your home linens, curtains, and clothes dry cleaned by our experts at Bianca. Owing to our state of the art central processing unit, we are equipped to carry out professional care for your diverse dry cleaning and laundry requirements.

At Bianca – The Luxury Clothspa, our stain removal, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and end-to-end laundry management experts ensure to revive the visual essence of your clothes – however dishevelled the monsoons may have made them. During these treatment processes, Bianca strives to maintain the quality of your clothes through individual care for each garment and each stain.

Steps That Bianca Takes To Maintain Your Clothes During Monsoons

Bianca has a treatment system in place that includes premium solvents and modernized machinery in the form of versatile dry cleaning machines, washers, dryers, wet cleaning machines, spotting boards, and much more. All of this equipment is sourced from leading countries such as Italy, Germany, Japan and the USA.

Here are a few steps we take to keep your clothes clean and tidy during monsoons:

·       Pre-spotting garments to identify and treat specific stains.

·       Inculcation of world-class programmed washers that automate the use of regulated solvents.

·       Premium detergents certified in killing viruses on clothes.

·       Quality Checks at each step of our expert laundry treatment process.

·       High-pressure steam equipment that leaves no room for viruses to remain on your garments.


Since our valet stores are now open, don’t hesitate to walk in and leave your laundry with our valet executives. If you’re amongst our busy customers or prefer to not travel during rains, opt-in for our contactless pick-up and drop services across the city.

Bianca has assured that all COVID-precautionary guidelines are in place, while also vaccinating all our valet executives and on-site experts.

Don’t let the rains stop you from wearing good clothes. Leave the stain removal, deodorizing, and ironing in Bianca’s hands.

Either schedule a pick-up today by downloading the official Bianca Clothspa application, or feel free to call/WhatsApp us on +91 72080 73124.

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